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Adriana's Famous Salad
Adriana's Famous Salad with Tuna Salad
Adriana's Famoust Salad with Grilled Chicken
Asian Chicken Salad with Creamy Dressing

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Battered Cod Sandwich
Black & Blue Steak Sandwich
Boomtown Italian Sausage Sandwich
Bowl - Bacon Cheeseburger Macaroni
Bowl - Baked Spaghetti
Bowl - Beef Fajita
Bowl - Chicken Ala King
Bowl - Chicken Fajita
Bowl - Chicken Normandy
Bowl - Chicken Rosa
Bowl - Country Scramble
Bowl - Meatball Stew
Bowl - Pot Roast Dinner
Bowl - Ranchero Scramble
Bowl - Sweet N Sour Chicken
Bowl - Sweet N Sour Meatball
Bowl - Tater Tot Hot Dish
Bowl - Teriyaki Vegetable
Bowl - Turkey Ala King
Bowl - Turkey Dinner
Bratwurst with Bun no Condiments
Breakfast - 2 Eggs, Toast, Bacon
Breakfast - 2 Eggs, Toast, Sausage
Breakfast - Bacon, Egg, Cheese Muffin
Breakfast - Cheese Omelette
Breakfast - Egg & Cheese Muffin
Breakfast - English Muffin, Butter, Jelly
Breakfast - French Toast Sticks
Breakfast - Hash Brown Patties
Breakfast - Omelette Bacon & Cheese
Breakfast - Omelette Sausage & Cheese
Breakfast - Omelette Veggie
Breakfast - Pancakes & Syrup
Breakfast - Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin
Breakfast - Sausage, Egg & Cheese Tortilla
Breakfast - Wheat Toast, Butter, Jelly
Breakfast - White Toast, Butter, Jelly
Brownie Jumbo

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Caesar Salad Large
Caesar Salad with Chicken
Carrot Snack, Baby Kids Meal
Cheese Curds Fried
Cheeseburger 1-3 lb. Bacon
Cheeseburger 1-3 lb
Cheeseburger 1-4 lb. Bacon
Cheeseburger 1-4 lb
Cheeseburger California 1-3 lb
Cheeseburger Double 1-4 lb
Cheeseburger Kids
Chef Salad - Italian Ranch Dressing
Chicago Style Hot Dog
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken Club Sandwich
Chicken Salad Croissant
Chicken Salad Wrap
Chicken Strips Breaded 2pc
Chicken Strips Breaded 4pc
Chili Beef Bowl with Cheese, Sour Cream, Onion
Chili Beef Cup with Cheese, Sour Cream, Onion
Cinnamon Twist Pastry
Coney Island Hot Dog
Cookie Choc Chip 2.5oz
Cookie Chocolate Chip Sandwich
Cookie Peanut Butter
Cookie Rocky Road
Cookie White Choc Macadamia Nut
Cookies Chocolate Chip Mini
Corn Dog State Fair No Condiments
Cotton Candy Bag
Cotton Candy Tub
Country Chicken Salad
Cuban Pork Sandwich
Curly Fries

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Danish Black Forest Pastry
Deli Meat Tray
Dippin Dots Banana Split
Dragon Wings - Tiger Wok

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Egg Roll Chicken
Egg Roll Vegetarian
Elements Cobb Salad - Ranch Dressing

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French Fries Medium Waffle Cut
French Fries Small Waffle Cut
French Fries Waffle Cut Large
Fresh Cut Fruit Salad
Fried Rice Vegetarian

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Greek Chicken Flatbread
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Sandwich - No Sauce
Grilled Rachel Sandwich
Grilled Reuben Sandwich

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Ham and Cheese Croissant
Hamburger 1-3 lb
Hamburger 1-4 lb
Hamburger Kids
Homestyle Beef Chili
Hot Dog Jumbo - No Condiments
Hot Dog Kids - No Condiments

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Ice Cream Chocolate Cup
Ice Cream Cookies & Cream Cup
Ice Cream French Silk Cup
Ice Cream Peppermint Bon Bon Cup
Ice Cream Praline Pecan Kemps Cup
Ice Cream Strawberry Cup
Ice Cream Toasted Almond Fudge Cup
Ice Cream Vanilla Cup
Icee Blue Rasp or Cherry Lg 24oz
Icee Blue Rasp or Cherry Small 16oz

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Kids Cheese Sandwich
Kids Grilled Cheese, Mand Oranges & Juice
Kids Meal Turkey Cheese Sand, Oranges, Juice
Kids Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

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Macaroni & Cheese Bowl
Macaroni & Cheese Cup
Muffin Blueberry Large
Muffin Corn Large
Muffin Double Chocolate Large
Muffin Lemon Poppyseed Large
Muffin Raspberry Cream Large

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Novelties - Big Dipper
Novelties - Bomb Pop
Novelties - Chips Galore Sandwich
Novelties - Frozen Fruit Strawberries & Cream
Novelties - Ice Cream Sandwich
Novelties - Minute Maid Soft Lemonade
Novelties - Snow Cone
Novelties - Turtle Bar

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Onion Rings Large
Onion Rings Small
Oranges Mandarin for Kids Meal 4 oz

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Pasta Salad Primavera Italian Dressing
Pasta Salad Primavera
Pepperoni Pizza
Philly Cheesesteak
Pizza Cheese Personal 7in
Pizza Cheese Slice from 16in
Pizza Pepperoni Personal 7in
Pizza Pepperoni Slice from 16in
Pizza Sausage Personal 7in
Pizza Sausage Slice from 16in
Pizza Vegetable Personal 7in
Pizza Vegetable Slice from 16in
Polpette - Meatball Sub
Popcorn Caramel Small
Popcorn Cheese Small
Popcorn Plain Small
Popcorn Zoo Mix Small
Pork Potstickers Fried
Pretzel Filled Jalepeno & Cheese
Pretzel Filled Sweet Cream Cheese
Pretzel Soft with Salt and Cheese Sauce
Pretzel Soft No Salt
Pretzel Soft Salted

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Ranch Chicken Clubhouse Wrap
Retail Cheeseburger
Rice Krispie Treat Plain
Rice Krispie Treat Recipe
Rice Krispie Treat with M&Ms & Chocolate
Rice Krispie Treat with M&Ms

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Sabinos Cheese & Crackers
Sabinos Chicken Salad
Sabinos Croissant - Chicken Salad
Sabinos Croissant - Egg Salad
Sabinos Croissant - Oven Roasted Turkey Club
Sabinos Croissant - Roast Beef & Marble Jack
Sabinos Croissant - Roasted Turkey
Sabinos Croissant - Smoked Ham & Swiss
Sabinos Croissant - Tuna Salad
Sabinos Egg Salad
Sabinos Garden Salad - Italian Ranch Dressing
Sabinos Really Big Pickle
Sabinos Signature Club Classico
Sabinos Signature Kali Kid
Sabinos Signature Pollo Primo
Sabinos Signature Sergios Club
Sabinos Signature Tonys Tripler
Sabinos Slim Stacker Beef
Sabinos Slim Stacker Ham
Sabinos Slim Stacker Provolone Cheese
Sabinos Slim Stacker Salami & Provolone
Sabinos Slim Stacker Turkey
Sabinos Smokey Slim
Sabinos Stacker BLT Italiano
Sabinos Stacker Bruno
Sabinos Stacker Don't Genoa
Sabinos Stacker Fine Bovine
Sabinos Stacker The Big Catuna
Sabinos Stacker True Turkey
Sabinos Stacker Very Veggie
Sabinos Summer Sausage, Cheese & Crackers
Sabinos The Mother Lode
Sabinos Tuna Salad
San Antonio Club
Scone Blueberry
Scone Chocolate Chunk
Scone Cranberry Orange
Shanghai Wrap (Vegetarian)
Sicillian Garden Sandwich
Soft Serve Ice Cream Chocolate Cup
Soft Serve Ice Cream Twist
Soft Serve Ice Cream Vanilla Cup
Southwestern Chicken Salad with Salsa Ranch
Spicy Black Bean Burger
St. Andrews Salad
Steamed Rice
Strawberry Vinaigrette Low Cal

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Triple Grilled Cheese

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Vegetables & Dip
Vegetarian TLT
Veggie Omelette
Veggies & Dip Grab & Go

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Yogurt Cone Chocolate Small Cake Cone
Yogurt Cone Chocolate Small Delux Cone
Yogurt Cone Chocolate Small Waffle Cone
Yogurt Cone Twist Small Cake Cone
Yogurt Cone Twist Small Deluxe Cone
Yogurt Cone Twist Small Waffle Cone
Yogurt Cone Vanilla Small Cake Cone
Yogurt cone Vanilla Small Deluxe Cone
Yogurt Cone Vanilla Small Waffle Cone
Yogurt Cup Chocolate Frozen Small 5 oz
Yogurt Cup Twist Frozen Small
Yogurt Cup Vanilla Frozen Small 5 oz
Yogurt Parfait Cup