Lancer's Quality Pledge

Lancer Hospitality is committed to providing quality products, good nutrition and great tasting food.

  • We use only 100% trans fat free oils with minimal amounts of cholesterol in all fried foods and
    food preparation.
  • Part skim milk mozzarella cheese is used on our pizzas to reduce fat.
  • Burgers are 80% lean beef and ground locally.
  • Chicken breasts served in salads, sandwiches, chicken strips and entrees are whole meat, not chopped and formed.
  • Deli meats - turkey, ham and roast beef - are whole meats with minimal preservatives and sodium.
  • Sandwiches are served on whole grain buns.
  • Hot dogs are 100% pure beef.
  • Cookies and muffins are baked in-house daily. Bakery breads and buns are made locally.
  • Small batch cooking techniques are utilized whenever possible to ensure freshness and to retain quality.
  • Many sauces and dressings are made in-house. Those that are not are of the highest quality with a minimum
    of preservatives.
  • Soups and chilies are made in-house with fresh ingredients and all natural bases and stocks.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are always our first choice. Produce that is not available fresh is sourced with a high quality natural frozen product.
  • Vendors are screened to ensure they are responsible partners and we use local suppliers whenever possible.
  • We source earth-friendly products when available and actively participate in recycling programs.